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Đầu ghi 4 kênh Camtech CT-2400H


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Mã: CT-2400H.

Product Description

Đầu ghi 4 kênh Camtech CT-2400H

– 4 channel CIF real-time DVR

– Up to 4 cameras with SXGA(1280×1024) display and HD Display

– H.264 video compression algorithm ideal

– Each channel 25fps at CIF(352×288) or 6fps at D1(704×576) recording

– Combined BNC and VGA video output for main display

– Alarm IN/OUT: 4/1

– Easy backup: USB devices, network download

– Support only 1 SATA HDD, 2 USB2.0

– Support for smart phone(Android, i-Phone…)